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Dash Reed Sport Medicine

Dash Reed Sport Medicine


  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Foot / Ankle
  • Spine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports Medicine
  • Paediatrics


WE DO NOT ONLY TREAT ATHLETES! We call ourselves ‘sport medicine’, but it’s a bit of a misnomer – it really should be “musckuloskeletal medicine”, or “activity medicine” – but those are boring and hard to say.

Knee Surgery Regina

Knee Arthroscopy Regina

Shoulder Arthroscopy Regina

Sports Medecine Regina

Spine Surgery Regina

Sports Surgeon Regina

Orthopedci Surgeons Regina

Climbing a power pole is athletic.
•Playing for the Riders is athletic.
•Climbing in and out of a combine or grain truck is quite athletic.
•Carrying a box of files up 2 flights of stairs is athletic.
•Playing with your grandkids is athletic.

•Backcountry skiing is athletic.
•Walking up the spiral stairs on the tanks at the Upgrader is athletic.
•Pulling and branding calves is athletic.
•Pickleball is athletic.
•Bronc riding is athletic.

Making sense? Everyone has activities in their lives that are important to them – sometimes for income, sometimes for fun. Those are the things that we enjoy helping you get back to.

Dash & Reed Sport Medicine offers the following services:


Non-Operative Services

 Comprehensive Concussion Care

Paid Services
 Durolane
 Cold Rush
 Bracing
 Paperwork
 Medico-legal & Expert Opinions
 Individually Funded Surgery

Operative Services

 Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee and Shoulder – provided by Dr. Reed
 Family & Sports Medicine – provided by Dr. Dash and Dr. Dufour

Referred Out

We DO NOT provide fracture care. We leave this up to the expert on-call orthopedic surgeons.
 Knee Arthroplasty Regina
 Foot & Ankle Procedures Regina
 Back & Neck Care Regina
 Spine Surgery Regina
 Hip Scopes Regina


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